Father's Legacy His Daughters
  • Father's Legacy His Daughters

Antique A FATHERS LEGACY TO HIS DAUGHTERS by DR Gregory of Edinburgh 1808

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Condition: Very Good. New Edition. A FATHER'S LEGACY TO HIS DAUGHTERS Dr John Gregory. Printed for T Cadell and W Davies. by Wood & Innes, London 1808 142pp Hardback.
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With ornate gilt banding and detail and early 19th century original binding this book is Doctor John Gregory's victorian views on the principles of female education in 1761, which provoked a strong reaction from his contemporary, Mary Wollstonecraft. John Gregory (1724 - 1773) was an eighteenth-century Scottish physician, medical writer and moralist. In what would become his most famous publication, Gregory wrote A Father's Legacy to his Daughters after the death of his wife in 1761 in order to honour her memory and record her thoughts on female education. Originally Gregory meant only to give the text to his daughters when he died, but his son James published it and it became a bestseller.